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Transitional Housing

Severson Program

The Severson Program is a ten unit transitional housing program located in Auburn, WA. The program is designed to help homeless young adults, ages 18-24, and families transition from  homelessness to independent housing.

The Severson Program blends housing, case management, and life skills, which assist in the young adult’s transition to independent living. The focus of the program is to further the young adult's education and provide skills that will help participants become responsible, productive, and independent.

For information on how to enter this program, go to

Coming Up Program

In partnership with Valley Cities Counseling and Consultation, The Coming Up Program is a 30-unit permanent supportive housing program for homeless young adults ages 18-24 in South King County. The program places homeless young adults into housing combined with intensive support services that create a base for the youth's development into adulthood.

For information on how to enter this program, go to

Enumclaw Transitional Program

This five-unit family housing program located in Enumclaw serves youth and adults over the age of 18, and their children. In addition to housing, participants have access to case management and connection to other support services in the community.

Low Income Housing

Enumclaw Youth and Family Services operates a low income housing program with 11 living units available throughout the year. For more information please call 360-825-4586.



Education is the key that opens the door to a brighter future at the Severson Program.